I just contributed a piece to The Financial Diet on Manhattan Math and I’m super excited!

What is Manhattan Math, you ask? If you live in New York, you’ve definitely encountered your own Manhattan Math over the last few years. It starts out simple: you’re trying to do everyday things like commute, pick an apartment or split the bill at happy hour. Suddenly, you’re living in Flatiron, calling Ubers every day and ordering pitchers of margaritas an hour after happy hour has crept swiftly into the night.

Manhattan Math is a combination of lifestyle creep, the Diderot effect and a well-intentioned sense of responsibility to make the decision that will make you the happiest (though maybe not the richest). You try to make a decision that will bring greater joy, maybe even save a few bucks, and give you the best time ever – but you end up spending more, indulging more and suddenly ending up a little broker than expected… Ouch.

Click over to The Financial Diet to read the whole piece!

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