I spent the last twelve days exploring the most pun-filled country in Central America: Belize. My time was spent camping in hammocks, hiking in rainforests, swimming under waterfalls and exploring Mayan ruins – plus snorkeling along the barrier reef and venturing into ancient sacred caves.


Sound amazing? It was. The experiences I shared with twelve other Ithaca College students were nothing short of incredible. What really struck me about Belize, though, was the people. All of the Belizeans I met are good, honest people who put their communities and families ahead of any class ascension goal, who care about each other and who make their lives better on a daily basis.


Belize is also beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking. I journaled a great deal while I was there, and I look forward to sharing excepts from my journal and photos from my journey over the next few weeks – and sharing recipes inspired by flaming Belizean hot sauce Marie Sharp’s. br />

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