Good morning!

I’ve always been a morning person. Really. I used to get up in the morning and have yogurt and blueberries and read before my parents were up – around 7am every day. No, really! Luckily I was fairly self-contained and didn’t need much supervision at that point, because books were pretty much my best friend.

Then came middle school and high school, where I couldn’t get up to save my life. But things have come full circle now in college, and I’m usually up and moving around 7:30 or 8. It works better for me to get started early in the day, but I need food as soon as I get started. Lately, I’ve been enjoying making power bowls with all kinds of ingredients. Here’s one – it’s super nutritious, and will leave you feeling satiated for hours.


quinoa flake power breakfast bowl

1/3c quinoa flakes
1 tbsp milled flaxseed
1 tsp vanilla
Stevia or other sweetener, to taste
3/4 cup water (or as needed)

1 small apple, chopped

1/4c granola or chopped nuts (I used my homemade granola from last week)

Cinnamon, to taste

1/2c almond, soy, or other milk

Chop a small apple and set aside.

In a microwave-safe bowl, add the quinoa flakes, flaxseed, water and vanilla, plus any sweetener you may want, and stir well. Microwave for 1m, then check consistency.

Top the quinoa flakes with the chopped apple, then the cinnamon, then the granola. Pour the milk of your choice around the edges of the bowl and delight in your breakfast!

Power bowls are deceptively simple, and once you get a sense of what you like you can really make anything of them! What do you have for breakfast?

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