Dove’s new project, Sketches, asked women to describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist, then asked a stranger to describe that same woman after a few moments of conversation. The images the forensic artist came up with are staggeringly different, and display clearly the difference in how we see each other vs. how we see ourselves.

As women, we are constantly barraged with messages saying we aren’t good enough, aren’t pretty enough, aren’t enough. But the truth is, the way that we see ourselves is not the way that others see us – and strangers and loved ones alike will see the beauty in you. They will see the way light dances in your eyes, the way your cheekbones catch the light, the way a single eyebrow raises when you ask a question, the way you throw your head back and laugh with joy. They will see this in you – and it’s time to do your best to see it in yourself, too.

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