Right now I’m working at a boutique lifestyle PR firm in the South, so I’m working a few pastels and more belts into my style. Today’s look is classic, with a well-tailored pant and a loose-fitting shirt. The shirt’s style is loose and comfy, and the pants are stretchy, so I can run errands or sit at my desk equally well. If it were a warmer day I’d probably be a little overheated, but it’s raining here today and the pants + long sleeves are much appreciated, but dressed down for spring with the flats. Overall, it’s a good outfit for a day at work, accessorized with two pieces I always wear (my silver claddagh ring and my silver Tiffany’s key necklace) and another, trendier piece — my three-thread nautical bracelet in blue and white. This way I’m staying classic and fresh at the same time.

How do you dress at work?

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