This is our year of lasts. Our last year together, our last first day of school–our last swim meets, volleyball games, lacrosse jamborees.

This is our year of firsts. For Rachel and me, voting. For Samantha, R rated movies. Our first college acceptance letters, for all of us.

It’s a year of beginnings and endings. Beginnings of new lives, ending of high school. The ending of us seeing each other every day–maybe even the end of being in the same timezones, or on the same coasts. But we’re beginning a whole new saga. Something exciting and new and so, so different for each of us.

There’s literally no chance we’re ending up at the same school. But there is every chance we’ll stay friends. Mostly because I’ll get all creepy stalker if we don’t. To be honest with you, it’s not really optional.

You are so lovely, both of you. I’ve been so blessed to have you as my friends and I’m so glad we get to spend our senior year together. Delicious Vintage is out there, forever.

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